promotional material

From social issues to advertisements, a simple poster can have a huge impact. Based off typography, photography or iconography or whichever method used, it must be straightforward to the point. The viewer must comprehend the message right away. It must result in a reaction within seconds. A poster can make you want to see that concert that seems cool or make you aware of a negative problem with the world.


From logos, to business cards to websites, to print advertisements, branding has a huge affect on how others perceive the brand. Having a rebranding project is a huge responsibility. One of the first steps is definitely to consider the target audience. Colour also has a huge impact on the tone of voice and it also has a psychological meaning.

& multimedia

Making designs come to life and become interactive is one of the craziest things ever! It's as if the works come alive and you can truly feel how dynamic they are. Motion graphics are so fascinating to produce as the animation possibilities are endless! A website is such a significant factor in a brands identity. The last thing you want to be on is a sketch looking website that looks like your computer is going to get some nasty virus. I promise, this is not one of them!


I'm one of those who needs to hold a real book, something about holding it, feeling it and flipping the pages just makes you so much connected to it (also I guess smelling it, if you're into that). Plus it looks pretty darn cute on your bookshelf. Seeing my work finally come together by picking the right paper and binding method is an amazing process.


Ever buy something just because it has a cute package? Don't lie, we all have done it just so we can get that cute Insta pic. From labels, to bags and boxes, the outer shell of an item has a huge impact on if a consumer will pick it off the shelf. I truly adore cute tea packaging, candy and pop-corn.