Ray Eames

a nostalgia box set in homage to an icon of mid-century modern design
Ray Eames is one of the 20th century's most influential designers. In partnership with her husband Charles Eames, her work perfected and helped popularized mid-century modern design. This project consisted of creating a 3D nostalgia set in honour of Ray Eames and her contributions to the world of design.
Ray Eames was a multi-disciplinary designer who gained notoriety in fields from architecture to toy design. Synthesizing her work into a portable box set involved delving into the intention behind her work in order to understand and accurately represent her personality.
Focusing on Eames' whimsical spirit and tireless energy, the solution came in the form of a toy card set. These cards are based on the "Giant House of Cards" set designed by Eames in 1952. The predominance of wood and glass in the design were chosen to emulate her favoured materials, and to recall the iconic Eames house with the strict grid of coloured glass. The accordion folded booklet sported two her her more famous fabric designs, while the cover hosts a vector interpretation of the Eames house facade. The USB key was engraved with EAMES logo and the set was completed with a natural plywood wood box.