rebranding a thrift shop
Local23 is a vintage clothing shop located in the Mile-End neighbourhood of Montreal. In addition to a curated collection of second-hand clothes, the store provides space for local artists to showcase their work on consignment.

Local23 is part of a circuit of sister vintage shops (Annexe, Empire Vintage) that each cater to a different era of fashion. Local23 is dedicated to the late 80s and 90s fashion. The target audience is women aged 18-25 with a cultural awareness and an interest in art and fashion as art.

The idea is to rebrand the shop to reflect elements of their emerging queer identity and become a ubiquitous fashion tenet of the Mile-End.
the clothes ur mom wore when she was cooler than u
With these details in mind, the logo is designed to emanate the energy of the company and its clientele. Daring in its geometric construction and linear outlines, the logo presents a dichotomy of structural solidity with diagonal through lines that divert the status quo. The use of active and negative space is a call back to the collage type of constructed outfits that will be put together with the unpredictable inventory.